13 September, 2016

17 powerful calculators to help you make business decisions quicker

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Amongst a range of other useful features, the Sanders App gives you access to 17 handy and powerful calculators to help you check the amount of tax you could be required to pay or see how you might increase your profits. Choose between your country of business to get specific tax rates, then find out the tax you’ll pay on increased profits, Stamp Duty, company cars, corporation tax or VAT. You can also calculate mortgage and loan payments, the impact of inflation and much more in between.

Here’s an overview of all the calculators available and what each one does,


Quickly and easily work out the standard rate VAT, that has been, or will be paid on the amounts entered.


Work out or convert a nominal rate to APR at the touch of a button.

Stamp Duty

Use this calculator to work out the Stamp Duty that will be owed on the purchase of shares or land, based on their value. You can find out the most recent tax rates you should apply in our App’s handy tax tables.


This calculator enables you to quickly produce a complete payment schedule for your loan and see how much you will owe at any given time. Work out the interest you will pay and your fixed monthly payments.

Inheritance Tax

Find out how much inheritance tax you are likely to pay if you don’t plan carefully. This calculator takes into account assets such as property, cash, investments and your marital status alongside liabilities on mortgages, loans and credit cards.


Understand what your monthly payments will be depending on the size of your mortgage and the current interest rates.


Work out how much money you could save over a given period by calculating your monthly deposit with inflation and interest rates.

Company car

Your company car is a great perk but it can end up costing you as a ‘benefit in kind’ value must be calculated. ‘Benefit in kind’ is based on the value of the car and fuel and whether it is being used for private use. Use this calculator to understand the ‘benefit in kind’ value and also what income tax you are likely to pay on it.


Enter your hourly/monthly rate to calculate your monthly and annual invoice totals. Find out what you are likely to take home after tax.

Dividend vs Salary

Work out the most advantageous method of extracting profits from your business through our handy comparison tool. Choose between a basic salary, dividend, full salary or by operating as a sole trader rather than a limited company.


Designed for both employers and employees, this calculator enables you to check pay slips of those under PAYE. Work out net pay after income tax and national insurance per week or per month based on gross pay and the employees tax code.

Corporation Tax

Calculate the total corporation tax due on your company’s taxable profits.

Income Tax

If you’re self-employed, you can use this calculator to find out the Income Tax you will pay and your National Insurance liability. Base your earnings on your weekly, monthly or annual earnings.


Use this tool to understand the impact of inflation on prices in any given year since 1949 vs now. You can also find out the rate of inflation in/since, a specific year or between years.

Should I incorporate?

This calculator compares the salary plus dividend remunerations options available to shareholders of a company compared to the option of operating as a partnership or sole trader. It also shows you the tax benefits of incorporation.

Increased profits

This calculator uses figures such as sales, cost of sales, wages, admin costs and other income from your last set of accounts or estimated projections to help you find out ways you could make more profit.

Capital gains tax

Calculate your capital gains tax which will be due on disposals in a selected tax year. The tool considers your other income after allowances and capital losses available at the start of the tax year to give you an accurate and personal projection.

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